The Team of Elements is: Founder: Giuseppe Giordano (phone +49 (0)175 8529462) Co-founder: Bruno Pacifici (phone +39 (0)328 1315101) German regionalization and culture Solveigh Serafini Multimedia and special effects Alessandro Szymanski E-mail: Feel free to contact us for any question related to Elements

Elements: The Team

Elements long awaited video trailer is incoming. Enjoy the first few seconds leaking out from the production. The full trailer is scheduled to be released in next month. Thanks to video producer Alessandro Szymanski for entering the team of Elements.

Elements video trailer is coming

The version 0.2.6 of Elements has been released. It includes 5 tutorials , 7 Learning Campaigns, 4 propositions . Enjoy, the Elements Team

Elements – Version 0.2.6

Elements wallpaper
Dear players and fans, here you can find, free to download, the new outstanding Elements wallpaper, in 512×512 pixels format. Enjoy! The Elements Team

Elements wallpaper 512×512 pixels

Vignette 4
The famous artist Alessandro Serafini has accepted to produce the comics novels based in Euclide’s Elements ancient Greece! Here you can enjoy, directly from Mr. Serafini pencil, some first creations with several different possible Euclide… We thank Mr. Serafini for his involvement in Elements: The game, and are proud to publish his […]

Euclide’s stories narrated by Alessandro Serafini

Dear gamers, today a new release has been uploaded for you. You will find 4 tutorials, 3 learning campaign, and 3 propositions from the 1^Book of Euclide. Enjoy! The Elements Team

New version 0.2.3