The world was young…

The world was young.

Surrounded by a sea of barbarians, from Greece suddenly raised high the flame of civilization, powerful and bright as a fire in a forest.
In the Greek cities, and in their colonies in Asia Minor and in Italy, for the first time in the human history, the scientific thought came to find its way in between the myths and the legends. Minds saw for the first time things that the eyes could not contemplate.
A group of men, animated by the spirit of knowledge and an unwavering faith in science, walked the first steps down the road that would lead mankind to rise to the stars.
It was not easy. The flame of knowledge could have been extinguished forever, under the strong attacks of the barbarian world that always had pressed the border and again for thousands of years would continue to attack to destroy what had been created with hard work.
Everything would have been then lost.

But Greece did not bent.
Some put up a brave resistance… and won.

This is the story of those men…

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